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Kwok, Calvin
Mar 12 6:38 PM CDT
Post #1390
The NBA and the NHL are suspended and the March Madness is cancelled, hopefully they don't have to cancel any PGA tournament but I guess they have to do what's the best for the health of people.
Hohlen, John
Jun 17 9:51 PM CDT
Post #1389
Thanks Calvin! Congrats on your Segment 6 win too!
Kwok, Calvin
Jun 17 8:38 PM CDT
Post #1388
Congrats to Claude for winning the league this season. Want to thank John for doing a great job of running the league once again this season. See you all again next year.
Kwok, Calvin
Apr 14 1:35 PM CDT
Post #1387
Kinda suck that I didn’t pick Tiger this week LOl, but very happy to see him winning another major
Hohlen, John
Mar 08 4:33 PM CST
Post #1386
Hi Calvin. I think you have a great point. For the Pick 3 Classic format with the weekend sub, the Day situation is not nearly as impactful. I think the real issue and concern is with the One & Done format where you only pick one golfer so then you're hosed for the entire week / tournament. I'm still not sure on what the best solution is, so I'm still mulling things over. Thanks for your thoughts and feedback.
Marlow, Douglas
Mar 08 1:26 PM CST
Post #1385
Is it just me or are there some psychotic golfers week to week. It sure seems like they only try when the wind blows a certain way or something.
Kwok, Calvin
Mar 07 9:02 PM CST
Post #1384
Good thing about this league is the weekend sub. You might not get 2X winning but if you pick a winner with your sub, you could still get $1.638 million. Use the sub to replace Day and you could still have some fun watching golf this weekend. Kind suck to see the early season injury though, both Tiger and Day might not play next week.
Kwok, Calvin
Mar 07 8:52 PM CST
Post #1383
I think the current rule is just fine. Like John said, if we change it for R1 then some people would ask for the change for R2, R3, and R4 when their golfers withdraw. If we change at all, then I would say change it for both R1 and R2 before the weekend sub. I strongly prefer the current rule though, but I will go with what majority wants here. Unlucky for those who picked Day this week and I could understand your frustration, but luck is a factor in fantasy sports
Hohlen, John
Mar 07 5:43 PM CST
Post #1382
4) Sometimes golfers will WD in R1 b/c they're 8 over. They weren't going to make the cut and now the teams that picked him get to put in their ALT pick? That doesn't seem fair either. Unfortunately, I don't think there is a simple solution that works w/o creating more issues because of all the one offs from it. Curious to hear everyone's thoughts, though. I think it's one of those tough fantasy sports breaks. No different when your #1 pick goes down in the Q1 of a fantasy football game.
Hohlen, John
Mar 07 5:42 PM CST
Post #1381
I hear you, Bob. It totally sucks. Unfortunately, I don't see an easy solution. Some of the problems I have with changing it. 1) The current rule is cut & dry. 2) What happens if a player gets DQ'ed in R1? Folks will want the same rule, don't you think? 3) If we change it for R1, others will want it for R2. Maybe not right now, but once it happens to them, they will. Then it will creep into R3 and R4 (con't above)
Myers, Bob
Mar 07 9:16 AM CST
Post #1380
John: To’”DAY’S” WD issue only affected me in a minor way, but seeing how many teams selected Day, really leads me to request a change in all future leagues.....any golfer who does not finish the 1st round should automatically be replaced with the alternate, if available (all other golfers selected started the event) So many of us look forward to the weekend action that a major name pulling out really taints the enjoyment. Bob
Hohlen, John
Jan 21 7:23 AM CST
Post #1379
No doubt, Colin. I think only one league out of about 25 had Adam Long and that was a Sunday sub.
Robertson, Colin
Jan 21 4:45 AM CST
Post #1378
Nobody picked the winner this week, doesn't happy very often in this league!
Hohlen, John
Mar 16 4:04 PM CDT
Post #1377
No doubt, Calvin. I hope he plays in some majors this year too. Ideally, all four.
Kwok, Calvin
Mar 14 4:54 PM CDT
Post #1376
Well definitely great to see Tiger is healthy and playing well now.