Week 1 Alternate Picks - Tournament of Champions
Country Club Filter
    T-1 2 Girls 1 Koepka
    T-1 2dogsnolegs
    T-1 A-Aron1
    T-1 Black Hole
    T-1 Blakeys Bogey
    T-1 Bogey Free
    T-1 Bogey Free A
    T-1 Bogey Free B
    T-1 Boomdoggers
    T-1 Boomdoggers #2
    T-1 Bowgig 1
    T-1 BunkerBanger
    T-1 Complete_Concrete
    T-1 DAWGS
    T-1 Goodnight Me Lady
    T-1 Goodnight Me Lady II
    T-1 Johnson Is Long 1
    T-1 Johnson Is Long 2
    T-1 J’s Birdies
    T-1 Kruzoff1
    T-1 Lew's Legion I
    T-1 Lew's Legion II
    T-1 Make More Birdies
    T-1 Man United's #1 Fan
    T-1 Man United's #2 Fan
    T-1 Man United's #3 Fan
    T-1 Man United's #4 Fan
    T-1 Missed The Cut!
    T-1 Nonogolf
    T-1 Patrick's Putters 1
    T-1 Patrick's Putters 2
    T-1 Perry’s Par Breakers
    T-1 Radar
    T-1 Realtiger1
    T-1 Realtiger2
    T-1 Realtiger3
    T-1 Realtiger4
    T-1 Reddogs
    T-1 Rip Republic 2
    T-1 Savage1
    T-1 Savage2
    T-1 Savage3
    T-1 Savage4
    T-1 The One Putters 1
    T-1 The One Putters 2
    T-1 The Shark
    T-1 Up And Down
    T-1 WarsawFan
    T-1 We Be Bad
    T-1 Winnie31
NOTE: An asterisk after alternate pick's name indicates both alternate pick and
starter were both NO SHOWs, so alternate pick was not applied.